Designing solutions for your business that increase profitability and support sustainability. DFMsolutions is founded on the principles of quantitative analysis, innovative thinking and personal integrity.

Business Solutions

    Our first focus is developing a clear understanding of your business and your business needs. Think of this as the foundation to our conversation. Working together we will evaluate your business and determine what design changes may be successful. DFMsolutions has effective methods to meet your business needs. Methods focused on growth, sustainability and success.


Daniel Montbriand is the founder of DFMsolutions LLC. He has an exceptional range of experience as an investor in sustainable technologies, as an advisor on corporate strategy and as a mentor to small business owners just starting up. Daniel has his professional background in the financial securities industry. Starting his career in London, England with Merrill Lynch & Co. Daniel earned his SFDR (Securities and Financial Derivatives Representative) in 1998. Trading on the International Convertible Bond Desk he developed a global business perspective. Daniel continued his career in New York City with Merrill Lynch & Co. and Banc of America Securities. Throughout his successful trading career Daniel relied on a dedication to quantitative analysis, innovative thinking and personal integrity. Daniel holds a B.S. in Physics Summa Cum Laude from St. Lawrence University.


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